Tochlette is a customer who first appeared in Papa's Cookie Mia!


Hometown: Sakura Bay

Occupation: High School Student & Writer

Loves: Mochi

Hates: Dead Flowers

Tochlette is a kind teenager from Sakura Bay. With too much work on her hands, she was unable to visit Papa's Sushiria during the opening. Also that summer, she was battling to become the lucky winner of AceCook Junior. After her win, she began to write cookbooks and is best known for her "My Sakura Kitchen", which was the fastest-selling cookbook around the world. Many people were blown away of her skills at such a young age. As cooking aspired many of her fans, she hopes one day to be hired by Papa Louie to work for one of his delicious food restaurants.


Tochlette has pink hair and a white headband. She has black and sky blue eyeliner around her eyes and wears pink and blue rings around her wrists and a pink ring around her neck. She wears pink pants, pink shoes, and a green cherry blossom shirt.
Tochlette Style A edited

Style B

She wears an aqua green headband, white catseyes glasses, a short white jacket, a white neck ring, and purple rings on her wrists instead of pink. She wears aqua green shoes and a white tanktop with three green cherry blossoms. 
Tochlette Style B edited

Tochlette's Style B


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