Mitch & Maggie are chefs. Hovewer, there are now custom workers. Male workers (Mitch or a male Custom Worker) that suited: red tee with orange stripes in sleeves, black pants, maroon shoes and black matching visor. Female workers (Maggie or a Custom Worker as a girl) suited like Maggie on Papa's Taco Mia!.



Tomatoes (At Start) (Tomato Juicer)

Shredded Lettuce (At Start) (Lettuce Lover)

Cheese (At Start) (Cheese Champion)

White Beans (At Start) (Bean Tacos)

Onions (At Start) (Onion Obession)

Guacamole (At Start) (Guac Attack!)

White Rice (Rank 2, with Big Pauly) (Rice Topper)

Jalapenos (Rank 5) (Some Like it Hot)

Fajita Veggies (Rank 10, with Kingsley) (Peppery)

Mushrooms (Rank 11) (Room of Shrooms)

Black Beans (Rank 12) (Beans, Beans, Beans)

Red Rice (Rank 14) (Red Rice Guru)


Medium Sauce (At Start) (Just Right)

Sour Cream (At Start) (Cool it Down)

Hot Sauce (Rank 4, with Peggy) (Getting Hot)

Nacho Sauce (Rank 6) (Cheese Whiz)

Verde Sauce (Rank 9) (Verde Saucer)

Atomic Sauce (Rank 13) (Bombs Away)

Loco Mystery Sauce (Rank 15) (Finding a Mystery)

Southwest Sauce (Rank 17) (Southwest Boiler)

Venetian Vongole (Rank 20) (Creole Sauce)

Taco Shells

Hard (At Start) (Taco Warmup) (Hard Shell Hero)

Onion (At Start) (Onion Shell)

Soft (Rank 3) (Soft Fan)

Pita (Rank 7) (Bread Server)

Dorito (Rank 26) (Doritos Flavor)


Beef (At Start) (Big Beef)

Hot Dog (At Start) (Hot Dog Griller)

Chicken (Day 2, with Edna) (Chicken Buddy)

Pork (Rank 8) (Carnitas)

Steak (Rank 17, with Gremmie) (Steak House)

Prawns (Rank 27) (Seafood Server)

Chip Station

Chip Station is a new Papa's Taco Mia! HD station.


  • Traditional (At Start) (Traditions of Chips)
  • BBQ (At Start) (Crispy and Smoky)
  • Blue Corn (Day 2, with Whiff) (Cornlicious)
  • Multigrain (Sweet Grains)
  • Nacho Cheese (Cheesy Chips)
  • Cayenne Pepper (Taste of Cayenne)
  • Pepperjack (Jack Attack)



1. Jojo (Sunday)

2. Robby (Monday)

3. Radlynn (Tuesday)

4. Captain Cori (Wednesday)

5. Quinn (Thursday)

6. Xolo (Friday)

7. Chester (Saturday)