Papa's Sushi Mia! is a fan-made thirteenth installment of a Papa Louie game. It was released on December 21, 2016.


The workers in Papa's Sushi Mia are Matt and Clover or a custom worker. Their outfits are dark green robes with an japanese symbol meaning "delicious fish" at left side and lime green striped sleeves. At the top, there's a green plaided visor. Under the robe, there's a brown Burple T-shirt and salmon pants/skirt. The uniform end white shoes with grey soles and green laces.


Matt/Clover/Custom worker arrive at Sakura Bay with a towel over their shoulder for a relaxing day at the beach, before they discover a green substance with trash in the ocean. They are next shown sitting at a table asleep with only two coins in a jar that says "Raise Money to Save Sakura Bay". They next notice Papa Louie is standing on their left side and points at a new building made of red-stained glass and white wood. Papa Louie offers a job at the building, Papa's Sushi Mia, and Matt/Clover/Custom worker quickly accepts the job.


  • 10/18/16: Papa's Sushi Mia! is announced!
  • 10/25/16: The location of the restaurant, Sakura Bay, is revealed.
  • 10/31/16: For the season preview, a new holiday, Pauly Pepper Fest, is revealed.
  • 11/01/16: The Kingsley's Customerpalooza winner, Kimiko will debut in this game.
  • 11/08/16: You may now create your own customer in this game (unlocked in Day 2)
  • 11/15/16: The uniforms for Matt and Clover (the winners of Papa's Next Chefs 2016) are revealed.
  • 11/22/16: A new special, Tokyo Tuna, is revealed.
  • 11/29/16: A new closer, Harumi, is revealed.
  • 12/06/16: The Cook Station, where you cook the rice is revealed.
  • 12/12/16: The Build Station, where you fill, roll, top and cut the sushi is revealed.
  • 12/13/16: The Chip Station, where you made chips and drinks.
  • 12/14/16: The game is announced to be revealed on December 21, 2016.
  • 12/21/16: The game is released and playable.
  • 01/10/17: Mario as a new customer.


  • Order Station
  • Cook Station
  • Build Station
  • Chip Station


  • Matt or Clover (Tutorial)
  • Zoe (After Tutorial)
  • Tohru (Day 2)
  • Roy (Random Day)
  • Clair (Random Day)
  • James (Random Day)
  • Nick (Random Day)
  • Bertha (Time)
  • Hacky Zak (Time)
  • Ivy (Time)
  • Utah (Time)
  • Chester (Time)
  • Mario (Time)
  • Cecilia (Time)
  • Alberto (Time)


  • Harumi (Monday)
  • Whiff (Tuesday)
  • Quinn (Wednesday)
  • Radlynn (Thursday)
  • Osamu (Friday)
  • Xolo (Saturday)
  • Jojo (Sunday)


If a customer is bold, this means they are a closer.

  • Harumi
  • Osamu
  • Kimiko
  • Andrea
  • Crescenda
  • Mario (mean for Super Mario Franchise)


New holidays are in bold. Custom characters get their favorite holiday chosen by their creator.

  • Summer Luau (June) - Unlocked on Rank 6 with  
  • Starlight Jubilee (July) - Unlocked on Rank 11 with Boomer
  • Big Top Carnival (August)
  •  Maple Mornings (September)
  • Pauly Pepper Fest (October) - Unlocked on Rank 26 with Big Pauly
  • Thanksgiving (November) - Unlocked on Rank 31 with Sienna
  • Christmas (December) - Unlocked on Rank 36 with Santa
  • New Year (January) - Unlocked on Rank 41 with Xandra
  • Valentine's Day (February) - Unlocked on Rank 46 with Scarlett
  • St. Paddy's Day (March) - Unlocked on Rank 51 with Georgito
  • Easter (April) - Unlocked on Rank 56 with Mandi
  • Sliderfeast (May) - Unlocked on Rank 61 with Olivia

Mini Games

New games are in bold.

  • Home Run Derby (Sunday)
  • Spooky Shot (Monday)
  • Freeze-Putt (Tuesday)
  • Hallway Hunt (Wednesday)
  • Burgerzilla (Thursday)
  • Customer Cravings (Friday)
  • Mitch's Mess (Saturday)

Standard Ingredients


  • White Rice (Start)
  • Brown Rice (Start)
  • Spanish Rice (Start)
  • Wild Rice
  • Bacon Rice
  • Jasmine Rice

Holiday Ingredients

Summer Luau

  • Yellow Rice



  1. Newbie
  2. Trainee
  3. Tray Cleaner
  4. Sushi Roller
  5. Rice Cooker
  6. Fizzo Fan
  7. Forbidden Founder
  8. Ginger Buddy
  9. Spanish Guru
  10. Sushi Outstander


Sticker Number Name Achievement Sticker Earned
1 Spring Has Sprung Reach Spring Strawbuzzy
2 Summer Vacation Reach Summer Hot Dog
3 Fall Harvest Reach Autumn Toastwood Turkeys
4 Winter Wonderland Reach Winter SundaeSaurus
5 Summer Fan Unlock all Summer Luau ingredients Bucket of Sand
6 Patriotic Unlock all Starlight Jubilee ingredients Candy Rocket
7 Carnival Sushi Unlock all Big Top Carnival ingredients Big Top Carnival logo
8 Rise and Shine Unlock all Maple Mornings ingredients Maple Mountain Flapjacks
9 Pepper Time Unlock all Pauly's Pepper Fest ingredients Banana Pepper
10 Sushi Harvest Unlock all Thanksgiving ingredients Autumn Leaf
11 Holiday Sushi
12 New Year Celebration
13 Playing Cupid
14 Go Green
15 Easter Fish
16 Slider Tribute Unlock all Sliderfeast ingredients Party Subs
17 Make 'Em Wait Serve the first customer last Awesome Saucer
18 Hot and Ready Have Quinn's order ready when she arrives and serve it immediately Checkpoint
19 Preferential Treatment Have Whiff's order ready when he arrives and serve it immediately Powder Point Woolies
20 Bronze Beginning Earn 5 Bronze Customer Awards Pizza Slice
21 Repeat Customers Earn 15 Bronze Customer Awards Luau LePunch
22 Silver Medal Earn 10 Silver Customer Awards Grilled Cheese Sandwich
23 Restaurant Regulars Earn 15 Gold Customer Awards Warp Key
24 Order Expert Get a 100% Waiting Score on 20 orders Tomato
25 Cook Expert Get a 100% Cooking Score on 20 orders Pasta
26 Build Expert Get a 100% Building Score on 20 orders Peachbuzzy
27 Chip Expert Get a 100% Chips Score on 20 orders Dill Wheel
28 Perfect! Get a Perfect Score on 30 orders Burgerzilla
29 Award Winning Fish Get 5 Blue Ribbons from Jojo the Food Critic Blue Ribbon
30 Month's Pay Recieve your wages on four Pay Days Donut
31 Piggy Bank Don't spend any money in the Shop for 7 days Disco Plumm
32 One-Stop Shopping Buy 50 items from the Shop Party Subs
33 Advertiser Buy 8 Posters from the Shop Burgerburgh Sizzlers
34 Interior Decorator Buy 8 Furniture items from the Shop Radish
35 Updated Wardrobe Buy any 8 Clothing items from the Shop Brown Onion
36 New Coat Of Paint Buy any 4 Flooring or Wallpaper from the Shop Jill Berry
37 Upgrade Master Buy all the Upgrades from the Shop Wildberry Derps
38 New Threads Change your worker's shirt, pants, jacket, and shoes Fizzo
39 Romano Family Serve everyone in the Romano Family Quartet Tastyville Tomatoes
40 Scarlett and the Shakers Serve everyone in Scarlett and the Shakers Bee from Maple Shot